My book, Encountering Children's Literature:  An Arts Approach, is published by Allyn and Bacon (Boston, 2004).  This website contains the full version of Appendix C, Children's Literature Bibliographies, developed in consultation with over a dozen experts. An abbreviated version is in the book in Appendix C, "Children's Literature Bibliographies:  A Dessert Menu," beginning on page 273.  I hope both bibliographies--the one in the book and the one here--are helpful to you as a reader and and as a teacher.  To view the full version of Appendix C bibliographies, click here.

Also available on this website are three tables to supplement Chapter 4, "The Picture Book:  Linking Word and Image."  In the book, there is a table called "The Picture Book:  Elements, Styles, and Media of Art," beginning on page 79.  To view similar tables, click poetry, click folklore, or click books about commemorations and celebrations,

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