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Abelian Groups: Structures and Classifications

The research monograph Abelian Groups: Structures and Classifications, coauthored with Dr. Carol Jacoby, covers in a comprehensive manner the current state of classification theory with respect to infinite abelian groups. A wide variety of ways to characterize different classes of abelian groups by invariants, isomorphisms and duality principles are discussed. The book is supplemented with numerous exercises and open research problems. It has been published by DeGruyter in the Studies in Mathematics series (2019). For more information see the Publisher's website.
Abelian Groups: Structures and Classifications

Classifications of Abelian Groups and Pontrjagin Duality

Click here to get to the web page for my book Classifications of Abelian Groups and Pontrjagin Duality. The first part of this monograph provides a review of research in mixed abelian groups, mostly done between the 70ís and the 90's. The second part is dedicated to the Pontrjagin duals of certain classes of abelian groups, including those under investigation in the first part. The book was published by Gordon and Breach Science Publishers in the Algebra, Logic and Applications series (1998).

Classifications of
 Abelian Groups and Pontrjagin Duality

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