Copy and Paste a File from

One Location to Another

There will be many times when you want to make a copy of the file you are working on, then move that copy to a new location. A file can be either text, a digital photograph, or a graphic image. Using the copy and paste operation leaves the original file where it began, but makes an exact copy of it and places that copy in a new location. You can copy and paste from either an active screen or from a file directory. First we will consider locating a photograph you want to use in a report, then making a copy of that photo to paste into your word processing document. Then we will look at making copies of files from directories.

For a report on German cathedrals you have located this photograph from Trier, Germany. You want to copy the photo and paste it into your report.

First, right-click anywhere within the photograph. This context sensitive menu appears. Then click on Copy to make a digital copy of the photograph. The copy will be stored in a special area of your computer and will remain there as long as you have power turned on. If you want to copy and paste some text from your document, the process is essentially the same. Simply highlight the text you want to copy, then select Copy from the context sensitive menu. Alternatively, you can go to Edit > Copy or hit Ctrl + V on your keyboard.
Go to the document where you want to paste the photograph. Click in the spot where it should appear. Then pull down the edit menu and select Paste. Your photograph will automatically be inserted into the area you have selected. As you can see from the image highlighted at right, you can also paste directly from the keyboard by holding down the Ctrl and V keys simultaneously. The process for pasting text is the same. In both cases you can also go to Edit > Paste to paste either text of a photograph into your document.
Sometimes you will want to copy an entire file . Perhaps you need to make a backup or to move it to a CD-ROM or other storage device. Go to the directory where the file lives, click once on the file name to highlight it, then select "Copy this file" from the "File and Folder Tasks" menu.
Next you should select a location where you want your copied file to be located. After you click on "Copy this file", the directory list to the right will appear. Highlight the disk section or storage medium you want to move your file to. In this case we have chosen to move it to the "DATA (D)" disk.
To view possible locations within the "DATA (D)" disk, click on the plus sign. (Notice that the plus sign is now a minus sign in the upper left of the image.) Once the list of possible folder locations appears, we have chosen to Paste the copy of our file into the "books" folder. To make this paste happen, click on Copy, located at the bottom of the onscreen image.

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