Quiz - Basic Computer Skills
1. By placing your mouse in a particular position, then clicking, all of the following images were discussed except
a blinking line
a hand
a white arrow
2. An onscreen image changes as you
3. If you keep your finger depressed on a particular key, it will keep sending the computer
4. When you press the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys simultaneously causes the computer to
Lock Up
Help a problem
Does nothing
5. The software application Microsoft Word allows you to create and edit
Text documents
Spreadsheet files
Business graphs
Any computer file
6. When clicking on the start button, then clicking on the all programs button will
Display all files
Open Excel
Display categories
Close a program
7. A computer can store data on all of the following media types except
Floppy disks
Ink-Jet cartridges
USB cartridges
8. One reason to copy files from a CD-ROM to the computers hard drive would be
Cannot be done
Faster access
To be able to print
CD-ROM can only be read once
9. Sometimes we forget where we saved a file or folder. If this happens
The file is lost
Start looking
This can't happen
Windows provides a search program
10. When copying a file from one location to another causes the orginal file to
Be Deleted
Be Unaffected
To be Moved
This operation cannot be done