Review Questions - Basic Computer Skills

1. While online, move your mouse around the screen. Notice how it changes into different shapes. Describe three of
these shapes and tell what each different one indicates.

2. The Shift, Ctrl, and Enter keys all have different and distinct jobs to do. Describe the specific ways in which
each key helps you communicate with your computer.

3. Describe how you would open a desired piece of software on your computer. Try opening your word processing
application (i.e. Micosoft Word).

4. Why is it a good idea to save your computer file every time your hands move away from the keyboard?

5. What advantage does a CD-ROM have over other storage methods?

6. What would you do if you knew you have saved a file on your hard drive, but could not remember exactly where
you placed it before saving?

7. Explain the difference between copying and pasting a photographic image and copying and pasting an entire file.

8. For further study: Use a search engine to find out the various uses of the "~" (tilde) key. What are some of these uses?

9. For further study: Some people feel that USB cartridges will reduce the importance of CD-ROMs. Do you agree?

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