How to Locate and
Open a Saved File

We all have the best intentions when it comes to organizing our computer files. Yet we still sometimes forget just what folder we might have placed that file in. Or perhaps did we create a subfolder for it. Luckily the Windows operating system gives us some options for locating files that we need to find.

To begin single click on the "start" button. When that menu comes up, single-click on the Search (mangnifying glass) icon. This will bring you to the Search Companion, a Microsoft help menu designed to refine your search to produce quicker results.
As you can see in the example on the right, the Search Companion offers a range of choices. These choices provide options about the particular type of file or peripheral device that you are looking for. In most cases you will be looking for a document (second choice from the top). However if you are uncertain, then select the All files and folders option. This latter choice will both increase the time of your search and also produce less precise results.
After deciding what type of file you want to locate, single-click on your choice to bring up the Criteria dialog box. Here you can fill in the file name, or some key words if you can't remember the exact name. You can also tell the Search Companion what area of your computer it should be looking in.
Depending on how you defined your criteria, the Search Results will give you one or more files. When the results appear and you want to open the file, double click on the icon next to the file name.

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