Film Makers' Biography


Cima Sedigh

A professor of education at Sacred Heart University since 1999, Cima Sedigh’s work has been inspired by the resolutions of the United Nations on Peace Education and Equity Education.  Her work aims to promote a global vision through understanding and appreciating diversity.  She has followed this path in numerous research projects, art exhibits, symposia, cultural events and in her film making.  Her first documentary “ Bakhtiari Alphabet” was made during extensive trips to the rugged and remote region of Iran where the Bakhtiari live and migrate.  This film, which took more than 7 years to make, brings to life her on-site research on tribal life and education among this proud and beautiful people.  In the process, she learned to wear many hats, that of producer, director, editor, logistics chief etc. due to her meager budget.  But the challenge turned out to be rewarding and transformational for her life.

Reza Ghadyani

Reza Ghadyani, born in Iran in 1974, came to film through his love of theater and movies.  He started acting at age 12 and had his first professional role (in Shakespeare’s Hamlet) at 16.  From a young age, he has been involved in the production of numerous documentaries, short films and TV series in Iran in various capacities.  His forte is cinematography, still photography as well as editing.  A member of the International Center for Dialogue among Civilizations, Reza has taken part in making 1,000 minutes for a documentary series for the Center.  His collaboration with Cima Sedigh, in Tehran studio and on location, was his first feature length directorial experience.  Reza also employed his considerable cinematography talent, experience and perseverance to give “Bakhtiari Alphabet” the look and feel of a professional full-budget production, filming in extreme cold, at high altitude and in inclement weather.  Despite all the obstacles, he has succeeded to give with this film a taste of contemporary Iranian cinema to international audiences.