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"...In a world where we sometimes experience fear of “the other,” this educational documentary shares a different perspective that we need to see. Peace in the world can come through education, understanding and respecting one another. This film helps us take a step toward that end. Watch, learn and enjoy." READ FULL REVIEW

Shirley A. Pavone, PhD
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Sacred Heart University

"...As a professor of Education dedicated to teaching cultural diversity to her students, Dr. Sedigh poses the question of how an indigenous people can be educated for life in the modern world without losing their age old culture and traditions. But more importantly the Baktiaris have a story and message for the modern world and contemporary students about the human journey and those values and traditions that follow the cycle of the seasons and survive the changes of technology and political turmoil. This is the underlying message that makes this educational documentary so compelling for contemporary students today."

Robin McAllister, PhD
Associate Professor of English
Sacred Heart University

"...The narration and background music clarifies and enhances the rich visual experience of both the beautiful landscape and the enthusiasm and energy of the people.  The Baktiari Alphabet is a multicultural study that truly reveals cultural universals with which we can all identify." READ FULL REVIEW

Velma Heller, PhD
Assistant Professor of Education
Sacred Heart University

"...All in all, I found the Bakhtiari Alphabet documentary mind provoking, nostalgic and fascinating and as such recommend it to expatriate Iranians and their second and third generation children as well as those westerners who are academically or scholastically interested in indigenous education." READ FULL REVIEW
David N. Rahni, Ph.D.
Professor of Chemistry
PACE University New York
Adjunct Professor, Dermatology (NY Medical College)

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